Geomembrane is particularly well suited to the field of environmental protection: it has wide applications in industry and mining, for water Storage, lagoon systems, leaching ponds for various liquid and solid wastes, for landfills with bottom ash and composts. It is used to preserve water resources and protect soil from different sources of pollution and contamination.

Surface Treament

Smooth 丨 Textured 丨 Single Textured



Roll Width

Max Width: 8m


HDPE Smooth Geomembrane

HDPE Smooth Geomembrane (HGM Smooth) is produced according to the GRI GM13 standard. It’s made of high quality polyethylene resin with proportional carbon black antioxidant, anti-aging and UV- resistance materials which exhibit impermeable and ultraviolet resistance properties. Compared with traditional concrete and compacted clay, smooth geomembranes have proven to be more cost-effective, safe, and fast deployment. They are widely used for solid waste landfills, waste containment, aquaculture and water treatment system, etc.

textured geomembrane

HDPE Textured Geomembrane

HDPE Textured Geomembrane (HGM Textured) is produced according to the GRI GM13 standard and production line technology use the spraying strip based on smooth surface which perperties are 2-4 time higher than standard. HDPE textured sheet is more suitable for steep slope and vertical anti-seepage to improve engineering stability. The construction speed is fast and the rough surface added the friction coeffeciency. It is the ideal geotechnical product for landfill mining,oil and gas applications. All thickness from 0.2mm-3mm can be textured surface.

Application of Geomembrane

Geomembranes play a crucial role in modern civil engineering and environmental management by providing reliable and efficient containment solutions. Their versatility, combined with their impermeability and durability, makes them indispensable in applications ranging from waste management to water conservation and mining.

  • Landfill Liners and Covers

    • Liners: Commonly used at the bottom of landfills to prevent leachate, a contaminated liquid, from seeping into the groundwater.
    • Covers: They are also used as covers to prevent the infiltration of rainwater into the landfill, which reduces the amount of leachate generated.
  • Water Reservoirs and Ponds

    • Reservoir Liners: Geomembranes help in maintaining water levels in reservoirs by preventing seepage losses.
    • Pond Liners: Used in agricultural and decorative ponds to ensure water retention.
  • Mining and Heap Leach Pads

    • Essential in the mining industry to contain toxic chemicals used in the leaching process, preventing soil and water contamination.
  • Tunnel Liners

    • Tunnels: Used as waterproofing barriers in tunnels to prevent water ingress.
  • Secondary Containment Systems

    • Contain spills and leaks from storage tanks and pipelines, ensuring that hazardous substances do not contaminate the environment.
  • Aquaculture

    • Used to line fish and shrimp ponds to maintain water quality and prevent contamination.
geomembrane landfill

The properties of HDPE geomembrane rolls are to effortlessly accommodate differential settlement in the waste pile, which are applied in landfill caps, landfill covers, landfill liners, temporary landfill closures, and more. It has high elongation and durability. First utilized as bottom liners for municipal waste containment and landfill closures to inhibit rainwater leakage.

geomembrane pond liner
Pond Liner

Geomembrane /HDPE geomembrane pond liner as are both tough and flexible, with high resistance to chemicals and corrosion. They are among the most durable and long lasting liners on the market. They can be fusion weld together, forming permanent seals in the field. Pond liners are safe for both fish and plants. Overall liners are very cost effective and have among the highest service lifespan.

Mining Industry

In this application, the  geomembrane uses as a barrier for separation and is also the most important component in heap leaching. The geomembrane must resist chemical attack, point loads from typically high heap loading conditions, site-specific topography, site-specific climate conditions, and site-specific construction conditions.

hdpe geomembrane
Oil & Gas Containment

HDPE Geomembrane Liners are excellent anti-seepage material in the petrochemical industry Because HDPE geomembrane is oil and gas resistant: to chemical plants, oil refineries Pond, oil storage tanks, oil anti-seepage ponds, chemical reaction tanks, sedimentation tanks lining, secondary lining, etc.


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