DGN Series

DGN Series is one three dimension geonet composited two needle punched nonwoven geotextiles. Offering completely functions “filter-drainage-protection”. This kind of special three-dimensional structure can make it bear higher compression loading and keep certain thickness and same time offer excellent permeable performance.


Landfill drainage

Roadbed and road drainage

Railway drainage, tunnel drainage, underground structure drainage

The retaining back wall drainage

Gardens and sports grounds drainage

3D geonet drainage


High drainage performance

Anti seepage effect

Anti aging

Corrosion resistance

Excellent plan drainage


1. Row water-borne strong (equivalent to one meter thick gravel drainage).

2. Tensile strength to be high .

3. Reduce geotextiles net core chance of embedded, maintain a long-term and stable drainage.

4. Long-term under great pressure and load (can bear about 3000Ka compression load)

5. Corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistant, long service life.

6. Construction is convenient, shorten the construction period, lower cost.

8. Excellent drainage function, can bear long time high press road

9. High tensile and shear strength

10. Can bear more than 2000KPa compression load

11. Anti-compression capacity is much larger than common geonet for drainage.

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