WBC Series

WBC Series (Weed Barrier Fabric, Landscape Fabric, Weed mat, Anti grass cloth) is a kind of punched needle woven (PP woven geotextile composited with PET nonwoven geotextile). 

  • Minimizes light penetration to suppress weed growth
  • Made of UV-treated polyethylene, can be reused for seasons
  • Design allows air, water, and nutrients to pass through the landscaping fabric, keeps soil hydrated
  • Easy to install and saves maintenance costs

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Product Description


Color: Black

Material: Polypropylene

Construction: Punched Needle Woven

Unit Mass: 120gsm ~ 300gsm

Roll Width: 0.6m ~ 3.66m

Normal Dimensions: 1.5m×75m; 2.5m×75m; 1.5m×200m; 2.5m×200m;  Customized Size


Premium woven and needle non-woven

Not only enhance the durability but also it’s hydrophilic; water and air breathe freely, conserves your soil’s moisture, and preserves its value.


Chemical Free and protect your garden’s ecosystem

This thickened geotextile fabric helps you to reduce chemicals so you can do your part for the environment too. Our raw material is friendly to your back yard.


Weed control fabric is a textile material used to control weeds by inhibiting their exposure to sunlight. The fabric is normally placed around desirable plants, covering areas where other growth is unwanted. The fabric itself can be made from synthetic or organic materials, sometimes from recycled sources.

Most gardeners agree that the best place for landscape fabric is around shrubs and trees where it can be installed and topped with quality mulch to hopefully last for years. Landscape fabric:

• Prevents weed seeds buried in the soil beneath from sprouting.

• Limits the need to use herbicides for weed control.

• Helps retain soil moisture by reducing evaporation.

• Offers some erosion control on slopes subject to washout from heavy rains.


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