GCE Series

GCE Series is a Soil Stabilization and Reinforcement method used largely now in the world. This is used for various purposes but made up of revolutionary polymer strips. This strips is made up of soil, aggregate and many other recycled materials. The Geocell Solution is also called as the Cellular Confinement Solutions. It is interconnected 3D Honeycomb matrices that stabilize the soil and also enhance the drainage.


Road Construction

Erosion Control

Retaining Wall


High tensile strength and resistance to failure

Resistant in soils with various properties

Minimum maintenance requirements

Quick and simple installation


To stable the roadbed of railway.
To stable the roadbed of highroad.
To bear the load of dike or retaining wall.
To the improvement of shallow riverway.
To support the pipeline and sewer.
For the prevention of landslide by useing geocell as a heavy duty hybrid force retaining wall.
For the desert, beaches and the riverbed, the river bank’s regulation.

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