Geogrids offer both biaxial and uniaxial strength manufactured from polypropylene and PVC coated polyester yarns.
Our uniaxial geogrids are available in a wide range of tensile strengths and suitable for applications that require strength in one direction, such as soil walls reinforcement, steep slopes and basal reinforcement of embankments. The biaxial geogrids are designed for applications where strength is required in both directions, as in reinforcement of roads base and sub-base, ground stabilization and railway bed stabilization.

Woven Geogrids (WFG & WG) are flat structures in the shape of a net. The geogrids are made from glass fiber or polyester woven together in a grid configuration, which may also be coated with a further protection layer, using synthetic material. They used for the reinforcement of asphalt roads.

Extruded Geogrids (EUG & EBG) are flat structures in a polymer (usual polypropylene) that are extruded and then pulled. This may be done in one direction (Uniaxial geogrids), or in the two main directions (Biaxial geogrids). They are used in soil and road paving reinforcement.

Composite Geogrid (CG) is a compound product made of geogrid and nonwoven geotextile, specially designed for soil stabilization and reinforcement applications. This product combined the advantage of geogrid strength with nonwoven geotextile excellent separation and filtration.