WG Series

Polyster Woven Geogrid (WG Series) adopts high strength, high modulus, and low shrinkage twisting industrial polyester fiber as raw material. It is warp knitted with oriented structure and in the condition of no bending among warp and weft directions. Then it forms into mesh size product after coated with high-quality oil or water-soluble PVC.


Road Widening

Airport Runway reinforcement

Road Pavement reinforcement

Road Maintenance and Repair


It is suitable for embankment and embankment reinforcement, slope protection, cave wall reinforcement, large airport, parking lot, wharf freight yard, and other permanent bearing foundation reinforcement.

  • Increase the bearing capacity of the road (ground) base and extend the service life of the road (ground) base.
  • Prevent the road (ground) surface from collapsing or producing cracks, and keep the ground beautiful and tidy.
  • Convenient construction, time-saving, labor-saving, shorten the construction period, reduce maintenance costs.
  • To prevent culverts from cracking.
  • Strengthen the soil slope to prevent soil erosion.
  • Reduce cushion thickness and save cost.
  • Supporting the stable green environment of the grass-planting mat on the slope.
  • It can replace metal mesh and be used for false top mesh in underground coal mines.


  • High tension resistance, high plane torsion resistance modulus, good creep resistance, and stable chemical nature.

  • High mechanic damage resistance and durability and large friction factor with sandy stone.

  • Improve the bearing capacity of the roadbed and extend the service life of the roadbed.

  • It can decrease 30%-40% of filling thickness for reaching same effect, save cost.

  • Convenient construction, saving effort, shortening construction period and reducing maintenance cost.

  • Strengthen soil slopes to prevent soil erosion.

  • Can replace metal mesh, used in coal mine underground false roof network.

  • Supporting the stability of grass slope mats, greening environment.

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