Silicon Floor Grid

Silicon Floor Grid (Silicon Crystal Mesh) is a net-like structure material made of glass fiber alkali-free non-twisted roving with a certain weaving process. In order to protect the glass fiber and improve the overall performance, a new and excellent floor heating substrate is formed through a special coating treatment process. The surface is coated with a special PVC coating to make it have dual composite properties, which improves wear resistance and shear resistance of silicon crystal mesh.

Product Description


Color: White, Customized Colour

Material: Silicon Oxide

Construction: Woven

Mesh Size: 5cm × 5cm

Roll Size: 1m~6m

Normal Dimensions: 1m × 100m; Customized Size


Strong Pulling Force
The silicon crystal mesh has a high pulling force, which can prevent the floor hearing from cracking.
Simple Construction
Reducing the risk of damage to pipelines and rusty pipelines.
Free Cut
Free DIY cutting convenient construction ideal stell mesh subsitute product.
Excellent Materials Selection
It is woven by melting and drawing of crystalline quartz stone. Reduces excess waste and waste gas during the process of generation and use.


• The silicon crystal mesh is natural, so there will not be too much waste and waste gas during the production process, and it is environmentally friendly.

• It is convenient to cut and can be combined freely to improve construction efficiency.

• The silicon crystal mesh is a non-metallic material, which can avoid rust and scratches on the pipeline.

• Effectively extend the service life of floor heating pipes.

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