HGM200S has excellent environmental stress crack resistance, temperature resistance (-60℃~60℃), anti-aging, corrosion resistance. It is widely used in anti-seepage of domestic waste landfill, anti-seepage of solid waste landfill, anti-seepage of sewage treatment plant, anti-seepage of artificial lake, treatment of tailings and other anti-seepage projects. It is the optimal choice for applications that demand excellent chemical and UV resistance and overall endurance properties at an affordable cost.


Environment Protection and Sanitation

Water Conservancy

Municipal Projects


Petrochemical Industry


Salt Industry




Easy to install

Fish and plant safe

Excellent UV resistance

Outstanding stress crack capacity

Stable low temperature embrittlement resistance

Inherent hydrocarbon and chemical resistance

Meet or exceed all aspects of GRI GM13

Field Seaming

  • The seaming will be done vertically on the slope.
  • The number of seams will be minimized on corners or odd-shapes. A maximum of 3 rolls can be welded together (using a T-joint configuration).
  • No horizontal seams near the bottom of a slope or any high stress concentration.
  • To assist with vertical welding, panels are visibly marked with a line 140 mm from the outside edge of the material. With a double wedge weld, the overlap should be wider than the weld by at least 10 mm, and 50 mm with an extrusion weld.
  • The overlaps must be dry and clear when welding begins.
  • Trial seams are done at the beginning, middle and the end of each seaming period. The trial seams must always be done under the same conditions as the geomembrane seam is done. The trial seams must be 1 m in length and 0.3 in width.
  • Using a field tensiometer, 5 welding samples will be done. The samples will be 2.5 cm wide and 30 cm long. If any of the samples fail – the entire operation will have to be repeated.
  • If excessive wrinkling occurs (fish mouths) then the edges of the wrinkling is cut in order to create a flat overlap. The places that were cut will then be seamed. If the cutting caused an issue with the length of the overlap than a round or oval patch will be placed that must extend 15 cm from all sides. 

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