Geotextile tubes are made by PP woven fabric in a variety of sizes and lengths. They are in extra wide sizes with greater load distribution to resist punching and protect the embankment and foundation. Geotextile tubes are not only used to form shoreline structure including form temporary breakwaters, headlands, revetment on sand beach, also used in environment protection, like fill in the pollution silt, they let the water come out and retain the solid articles.

Model Number: Tube 70-95

Tensile stength: 70Kn/95Kn

Model Number: Tube 80-120

Tensile stength: 80Kn/120Kn

Model Number: Tube 105-105

Tensile stength: 105Kn/105Kn

Model Number: Tube 120-120

Tensile stength: 120Kn/120Kn

Model Number: Tube 200-200

Tensile stength: 200Kn/200Kn