Geotextile tube has become the dewatering method of choice around the world. It is used for projects large and small, and there’s good reason: simplicity and low cost.

There are available in a variety of sizes, depending on your volume and space requirements. Geotextile tube  can even be mounted in mobile roll-off containers that can be transported around your property as necessary. It’s one of the most versatile dewatering technologies available. And one of the most effective. Volume reduction can be as much as 90%, with high solid levels that make removal and disposal easy.


Environmental Remediation

Rivers, bays, harbors, marinas, ports, and dock facilities have been collecting contaminated sediments from industrial runoff for many years. In many cases, these sediments pose significant environmental hazards, and remediation is a difficult and expensive task. Geotextile tube with large-scale or smaller can be accomplish this mission effectively and contain even hazardous materials, reducing their volume dramatically and saving thousands in disposal costs.

Mining and Mineral Processing

Mine tailings, coal sludge, and other materials can be managed and handled cost-effectively with geotextile tubes. Because they can be custom-sized to the application, they can be placed in available space between other structures, and removed once dewatering is complete. Geotextile is a cost effective alternative to mechanical processes. It reduces disposal cost by consolidating higher solids with very little maintenance. Sludge can be pumped directly from the process, it can be diverted through the tube, eliminating the requirement for an expensive mechanical dewatering device. Geotextile tube can be used to capture fines, silts, and clays from the sludge will separate and dewater the fines and allow disposal without expensive dredging and transporting operations. In some cases, conditioners or polymers are used to promote flocculation to improve solids retention and filtrate quality.

Wastewater Treatment

For Applications Large and Small geotextile tube used in wastewater treatment applications including lagoon, tank, and digester cleanouts. It can provide dewatering and containment in one operation, Geotextile tube can be used seasonally, with solids safely stored onsite between uses. It works even with fine-grained sediments, and solids can be disposed of in a landfill or land applied. It can also be a very effective way of handling septage, either at a private receiving station or a municipal site.

TUBE 70-95


TUBE 80-120


TUBE 105-105