Marine structures are various kinds of engineering facilities, which are constructed and installed in the ocean for marine resource exploitation and continuous development. Geotextile tube is used to form shoreline structure including form temporary breakwaters, headlands, revetment on sand beach.

Geotextile tubeused to protect sites at the shoreline and near the water, by erecting a barrier . The geotextile tubes separate the sand accumulated within them from the water which is filtered out.
The geotextile tubes as to avoid harming facilities on the shore line, by placing them one after another, creating a wall near the location to be protected, and do a good job in erosion, mechanical resistance and resistance to UV radiation.
Installation is performed by pumping the water and sand mixture into the sewn tube.
The geotextile sheet acts as a filter separating the water flowing through it from the soil and sand particles which remain within it.

Geotextile tubes in marine work:

  • Protecting the cliff along the shore from erosion
  • Build breakwaters
  • Bulid artificial islands

TUBE 120-120


TUBE 200-200