Woven Geotextile

woven geotextile


GEO-FW is ‘mono + mono’ type woven geotextile, Its hydraulic properties are much better than ordinary woven and non-woven geotextiles, it also advantaged by follows:

  • High Compression Resistance – Pore size and permeability can be maintained even under high loads

  • High Anti-Siltation Ability

  • Excellent durability and resistance to harsh chemical environments

  • Excellent resistance to construction damage

  • Similar as tencate geotextile-Mirafi FW
woven geotextile


GEO-HP is ‘mono + tape’ type woven geotextile, its a special designed product that has excellent performance and is the first choice for road subgrade stability operation:

  • High Tensile Modulus – Strengthen the subgrade and increase the bearing capacity of the foundation
  • Separation – Prevents foundation soil mixing into the gravel layer
  • High Permeability – Allows excess pore water pressure to dissipate quickly, minimizing the effects of undrainage
  • High Friction Coefficient – Constrains the outward shear forces of the gravel layer and foundation layer


GEO-PC is ‘tape + tape’ type high strength woven geotextile, developed and manufactured mainly for usage as separator and reinforcement geosynthetic in road constructions. They are also available long life for under water applications.

  • High modulus, high tensile strength at low elongation
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Durability and resistance to harsh chemical environments
  • Separation, filtration and reinforcement in one product function
  • Similar as Mirafi fabric PC


GEO-PET is multifilament woven geotextile, also called basal reinforcement geotextile made of 100% high-tenacity polyester yarn with a tensile strength of up to 1800 kn/m, especially used for soil reinforcement with long design life.

  • Long design life and low creep
  • High tensile strength
  • Custom tensile strength
  • Easy and safe installation
  • Similar as Mirafi geotextile PET

Woven Geotextile -FW

Leachate Filtration & Landfill Cover

GEO-FW is designed to perform filtration and reinforcement functions in waste landfill engineering. FW woven geotextiles are engineered to provide stable and uniform opening sizes to ensure high permeability even under high load stresses. Its robust nature ensures a long term filtration performance. For landfill cover, GEO-FW keeps the soil coverintact and allow infiltrating surface water into the drainage system. The superior filtration performance of GEO-FW helps minimise the stresses exerted by the fluid on the lining system, therefore ensuring the long term structural stability of the landfills.

woven geotextile

AOS: 0.6mm~0.9mm CBR: 3kn

woven geotextile

AOS: 0.6mm~0.9mm CBR: 3.5kn

woven geotextile

AOS: 0.4mm~0.6mm CBR: 4.5kn

High Strength Geotextile -PC

Reinforcement & Filtration

GEO-PC series is a multi-functional woven geotextile, made of high-strength polypropylene yarn in an innovative braided structure, providing various related functions for reinforcement and filtration. High-strength polypropylene yarns provide tensile membrane support at a low operating strain of 5%. GEO-PC’s innovative woven structure has high permeability and can quickly dissipate the excess pore water pressure. Its unique selvage structure also provides very high stitching efficiency and the high stitching strength required for such engineering applications, like sewing geo tubes.

woven geotextile

AOS: 0.35mm~0.5mm Seam Strength: 100kn/m

woven geotextile

AOS: 0.3mm~0.5mm Seam Strength: 130kn/m

woven geotextile

AOS: 0.3mm~0.4mm Seam Strength: 150kn/m

Woven Geotextile -PET

Basal Reinforcement Geotextile

GEO-PET series pet woven geotextiles are made of 100% high-tenacity polyester yarn with a tensile strength of up to 1600 kn/m. Engineering materials used for soil reinforcement with long design life. GEO-PET over soft soil, reinforce the shear stresses of the fill material leading to anincrease of the foundation bearing capacity. It provides a cost effective solution to achieve agreater and quicker stability of embankments constructed on soft foundations, similar as woven geotextiles tencate geosynthetics asia.

woven geotextile

Long Term Design Strength @120 year design life 240kn/m

woven geotextile

Long Term Design Strength @120 year design life 240kn/m

woven geotextile

Long Term Design Strength @120 year design life 480kn/m

woven geotextile

Long Term Design Strength @120 year design life 60kn/m

woven geotextile

Long Term Design Strength @120 year design life 90kn/m

woven geotextile

Long Term Design Strength @120 year design life 119kn/m

Woven Geotextile -HP

Stabilization & Soil Reinforcement

GEO-HP woven geotextiles meet many standard specifications. They make the difference for varying application needs including: base course reinforcement; subgrade restraint for road; railway construction; embankment stabilization on soft foundations; reinforcement for mechanically stabilized earth structures; liner support, and other environmental applications.

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